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[600.000] Pierre A. Claisae

Rhapsode, Yogi & Factotum

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[614.000] Curriculul Vitae


French and English

Professional experiences

2018: Factotum, Yogi, Rhapsode & Brand Ambassador

in Paris [Modo Yoga, Lulu dans ma Rue] and online [Aclaisae CiviSûr]

- Testimonial Promotion of Brandmarks of well-being products & services

2015-2017: Theorical computer scientist

in Nanterre, Paris, Lille, France [Cyberdefense, Helpline and Free lance]

- Editor, Webmaster in French and English (
- Post-Mortem documentation, Prospectivist research
- Participating Observation in Support online, Back-office, Home trouble-shooting
- Exercices of cybertraining

2008-2015: Negotiation practitioner

in multi-sites, Paris-Ile-De-France
[CCA International, Sncf (Effia), OGF, Figaro Classified, Active International, Sofinco, Microsoft (H2A), Visa (Acticall), Harris Interract. (le Terrain) Ipsos...]

- Back-office: Administrative (Facilitator, Judicial Requisitions), Emails, Mails - Oral Missions: Calls, Sale, Pre-sale, Claims (B2B and B2C)

1987-2008: Juris-Anthropologist

in Universities [Sciences-Po, Sorbonne (Ephe, Univ. Paris-1 & 3)]
and Free lance; in Paris and Rabat

- Field Missions: Ethnographic Studies in Mali, Morocco, Turkey, Japan
- Monitor in Library, Writing Assistance; Reports, Publications, Journalism, Edition

Training, Diplomas and Awards

2017: Curricula in Computer Maintenance Engineer and Network / Aston School ; Paris-92
2006: Certified in Accounting / Municipal Courses for Adults; Paris
2002: Level Ph.D in Juridical Sciences / Fac. of Law; Lille-2, European Institute of Defense
1997: Prize of the Discovery in Social Sciences / Centre National du Livre; Paris
1996: DEA European and African Studies / Laboratory of Juridical Anthropology, Univ. Paris-1


Sport & well-being: Zen meditating, Yoga, Tai-chi, Martial arts
IT : Websurvey, Corporate Hacking, Social Hacking...
Religions: Buddhism, Tantrism, Animism and some others

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