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[662.110] Genesis

Stone : in the franc language ; Pierre, it means.
Not a rock or a jewel : the sense is.
Neither an edifice’s foundation : the sense is.
A simple stone : it is.
Maybe a pebble : it is.
Of nothingness, of the limbo : it is.
Somewhere, on a far beach : lost it is.
In a cold dark emptyness : a lost body, this stone is.
But, a skimming stone : during its life ; this body would have be.

“Pain” : in sanskrit, Claisae means that.
“No Pain” : A-Claisae ; the sense is.
The pain, to skim it : of the A-Claisae Stone, the rôle is.
The Aclaisae Sutra : this is why, this life’s work is called so.

[662.130] Exode

In paradoxal times, Claisae was born.
During the cultural revolution, it was.
In this spirit, of the sexual revolution of may : it was.
In a Psychiatric hospital, in the 5th republic founder's city : he was raised.

To the south, at the age of 8 : Claisae migrated.
The so-called most beautiful country of the world, he discovered.
During the war of the sands, it was.
The bloody green walk, with his family, he crossed.
From the front of war, mad Veterans returning : falling into a trance, he saw them.
This is what interested the young PrAClaisae.

The meaning of this war ritual of exorcism : this is what Claisae couldn’t understand .
This is why, the eight sequences of the black transe ritual : he studied.
Before long; of this eight fundamentals concepts common at every civilization : the deep sense, he will discorver.
This is simple : in the real Rising, the Noble Eighfold Path, it is called it...

[662.150] Prophesies

The finding of the eight contentions is universal. This is why Pierre Al Calisse, became naturally a sort of laic prophetic writer. This choice was the only way for him to face up to the death, without be slaved by any destructive deist ideology.
Thus, little by little, the Evil Book was revealed to Calisse, by what is called the god of the death. This god is the same than this whom is venerated especially by the 3 monotheisms. These ones pretend that this evil divinity is also the creator and the cause of the system.
Sure, everybody can hear this so-called lord in his heart of hearts. The fact is that the pretended unique god is the conceptualization of the personal desires of any human being. This is the reason why Pierre Al Calisse decided to demonstrate and testify the reality of this anthropological process.

[662.170] computation

In this state of mind, Pierre Al Calisse studied Computing science and, by force of circumstances, he became an Epistemologist of IT Development. The reason is that, nowadays, computers are in the center of Economic and social life. Precisely, the Theoretical computing science dispatches any Data network in 7 layers. This is the well-known Osi Model : Open-system Interconnection.
And it exists an 8th layer : the Anthropological layer… This is exactly what Al Calisse studies actually : the rule of the 8th layer of the Osi. But it is not an end in itself.

[662.1E0] Objective

Everything shows that a Cybercene will succeed to the actual Anthopocene. For all that, is the battle lost ? On this point, the method of prospective is simple : anything that can go wrong will go wrong. The challenge is so: what of the humanity will remain in this future era ? The good, the bad, or… nothing ?
A beginning of answer is: even if “god is a bot”, its conceiver remains a Human being… And Human, this is precisely what is the 8th layer of the Osi. The superhuman is, over all, human. True or false, the future will tell. In any case, this is in that perspective, the exploration of the conscience, that Pierre Al Calisse operates in his writings.


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